February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019


Hungry Crowd in Bathing Suits

by Andriana Minou

I leave the room of crammed study pianos that have weird names, names of composers or imaginary French painters. When they must be tuned or repaired you must call the tuner and tell him, for instance, “Schubert’s string is broken” and he gets irritated and hangs up on you. I never found peace and quiet there because the place is frequented by a redhead lady who washes her curls in silk and tries to sell me discount coupons for beauty salons. The ocean is out there, though, so I undress and dive in straight away. Next to me there are a couple of north European middle-aged swimmers. They’ve been married for years and let themselves drift with the tide. They are talking about Mozart and the husband says the 13th would have been a much more suitable birthday than the 27th for him. The wife remarks that Mozart’s parents must have been real fools to bury him in a common grave if one considers the big money they would have earned by the tourists who would flock to their son’s private grave. The waves are getting taller and push us out; I think of the snow and how it must feel like to die at the crack of dawn and the current has carried us out near the shore by now. The couple is walking on the sand already but I am being pulled back in and can’t get out, I look back and see a giant wave rising above me, I shut my eyes, hold my nose and simply wait for it to cover me. As soon as I open my eyes, I find myself surrounded by floating pistachios and start munching on my way out to the shore. The beach is swarming with people staring at the fishes washed out by the big wave, enormous fishes, some as large as a small house, strange-looking fishes, with long whiskers, ugly faces, aged, and I stumble upon a fish that’s roughly my size. I bend down to see it and realise it is headless and fried, ready to eat. I’m thinking of a way to hide it but I’m already surrounded by the hungry crowd in bathing suits.


Andriana Minou is a writer and musician based in London. Her work as a writer has been included in several anthologies and literary journals in Greece, the UK, the US and Canada such as The Paper Nautilus, rattle journal, FIVE:2:ONE, typehouse magazine, Anti-languorous project. Andriana’s books, "Underage Noirs", "Dream-mine" and "allouterra", an illustrated flash fiction collection with soundscapes, are published by Strange Days Books. Her experimental work, Hypnotic Labyrinth has been published by Verbivoracious Press. For the past 4 years she has been co-organising Sand Festival, the only literary festival on the Greek islands. Her latest book, "The Fabulous Dead", is under publication by Kernpunkt Press, New York.
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