Brigitte Lewis // Founding Editor // Executive Editor

Brigitte Lewis is a writer and artist born in Gold Country, destined for speculation. She collects things such as flower parts that she dries all over her house and other people's 8mm films that she is unable to watch. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Hobart, The Southampton Review, and The Spectacle. She strongly feels the pull of each full moon --  if this is what lunacy is, she's all for it.

Caitlin bio pic.jpg

Caitlin Vestal // Founding Editor

Caitlin currently spends most of her time figuring out how to raise a new human. During naptime and bedtime, she writes poetry and prose and compulsively reads YA novels. Her work has been published in Field Guideconcīs, and MUTHA. At night she likes to peek at the moon through her neighbor’s fir trees.


Siobhan McDonald // Assistant Editor

Siobhan McDonald is a poet and cookie baker chasing every climate of the country. She once bathed in a Sonoran canyon moon. She is striving to be unapologetically anything and discover the best strawberry rhubarb hand pie.