December 29, 2018 >

December 29, 2018 >


Two Poems

by Amelie Morgan


My hair is spiked with comb teeth
like the invasive grass we can't stay on top of
since it all blends when it's short
we tried non-chemical approaches
like brushes but they got stuck
rooting out pain and hope nitted
like homegrown pests
so it must be something
we're living or eating or saying
to each other what
a flea bath must feel like
knowing full well we live in the grass.


You a fly fishing angler feeling so fresh in each body
of water, you finned & glittering in sunlight
filleted in ecstasy and packed into cans spineless
on shelves, you told me about each catch:
orange sunset, low squall, dark ocean intrigue
pretty fish memories all in a row, I try to keep the salt on top
keep it from settling so I lie very still with my sisters
we keep our scales scraped, eyes watered.


Amelie Morgan is a Chicago-based psychotherapist in private practice. When she’s not helping her clients sort through their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, she is finding context in her own through poetry and music. She has previously been published in Journey and Helix,  journals associated with her alma mater, where she obtained a M.A. in creative writing approximately 10 years ago.