May 10, 2019

May 10, 2019


Two Poems

Diana Rodriguez

Last time I saw him we stared at that dead pelican

On the shore of the beach he held his phone out for light.

The pelican was unshaping itself with it's mouth open hanging.

Gray fluid trampling down
it’s sides were moving closer to bone.

The flies were painting it's being with years of starvation.

I prayed for it’s soul.

He prayed for something else.

Unemployed Decay.

I licked my soul wounds

they were given to me when I was five, maybe six.

My mind is always fighting

an eternal atman against an atman that perishes.

Someone in California told me:

Decay is your greatest assistant.

I forgot to write Decay’s number down.


D. L. Rodriguez is a Mexican American poet who works with walls of abstraction. Rodriguez focuses her work on the unknown of the world. Impermanence, God and the unexpected are some of the fragments that life always pushes into question. Rodriguez does not look for answers, she writes poetry.